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Fish Bites Episode 26: Glenn Geffner

Danny is joined by Marlins radio broadcaster Glenn Geffner for a wide-ranging conversation about Marlins Park, winning a World Series, José Fernández and more.

Photo by @GlennGeffner/Twitter

Now in his 12th season as a Marlins radio broadcaster, Glenn Geffner calls in to discuss his career path (3:35), assess the state of the club’s rebuild (8:20), get inside the mind of the fanbase (13:20), and distinguish between old and current Marlins ownership (19:55). Geffner also reflects on his signature moments behind the mic (27:40), specifically the game following the tragic death of superstar right-hander José Fernández.

Enjoy Episode 26!

What excites him most about the Marlins moving forward?

“They have a plan and they will absolutely not budge from the execution of that plan. They know where they wanna get and how they wanna get there, and there won’t be any getting sidetracked along the way...

“To me, this really is the one and only chance for this franchise on and off the field. They’ve been doing everything the right way—they’ve immersed themselves in the community, the ballpark enhancements, the reduced ticket prices, the concession prices. They’re reaching out to people.”

This article contains Geffner’s original Twitter thread on the subject of fan support at Marlins Park and the direction of the franchise.

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