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Fish Bites Episode 24: Marlins made out like thieves in Cooper/Smith trade

Although confident about the Marlins eventually achieving sustainable major league success, Daniel Martinez admits his biggest fear about the rebuild.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Marlins right-hander Jordan Yamamoto (2:40) and slugger Garrett Cooper (8:40) earn Danny’s Pitcher and Hitter of the Week honors. Cooper has established himself as a long-term candidate to fill the club’s void at first base, remarkable considering the seemingly minor trade that brought he and Caleb Smith to Miami. But let’s say this rebuild yields an amazing core and fan that enough to win back the support of this community? Impossible to know for sure (24:55). Loria did his best to burn those bridges.

Die-hard Marlins fan Ed Sanabria is our special guest (34:37). He describes the frustrating search to connect with others who share his passion during these lean years.

Enjoy Fish Bites Episode 24!

Last Monday, our own Daniel Toll concluded that Cooper could be counted on to keep up his strong production. Sure enough, Coop has recorded hits in every game since then, boosting his OPS to a team-leading .872.

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