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Fish Bites Episode 23: #BabyFacedAces at their best

Daniel Martinez puts a wrap on the 2019 MLB Draft class and takes stock of the Marlins’ controllable assets and remaining organizational needs.

Photo by Danis Sosa/Fish Stripes

Daniel Martinez has trouble settling on a single Marlins Pitcher and Hitter of the Week given the multitude of viable candidates—Trevor Richards, Pablo López, Sandy Alcantara, Brian Anderson, Jorge Alfaro and Garrett Cooper (2:00). Good problem to have! Then, we share some final thoughts on the 2019 MLB Draft (12:30) and why the baseball industry is so complimentary of how the Marlins handled it. As of early Monday morning, seven draft picks have officially signed with the Fish.

Marlins Communications

Finally, untangling the mixed emotions that come with high-volume losing in pursuit of sustainable, long-term success (25:00) and evaluating how the pace of the rebuild so far compares with initial projections (30:30).

Enjoy Fish Bites Episode 23!

Here is the piece that Danny referenced about the specific plan that the Marlins implemented for the 2019 draft, plus praise from several reputable evaluators after the fact:

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