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Diehard fans still offer Marlins their unconditional support

To all the Marlins fans who have remained loyal to the team through the rebuilds, ownership transitions and national ridicule, you’re top shelf.

Via Marlins/Twitter

Dear diehard Marlins fans,

To those who have survived Huizenga’s 1998 betrayal, to those who lived through the Loria era of running baseball in the City of Miami to the ground, and to those enduring the current rebuild which has the 2019 team with MLB’s worst record: you are the best fans in baseball.

The number of people who fit that description may be small, but your loyalty deserves to be applauded.

Not every fanbase experiences the same cyclical ups and downs. Marlins faithful have had it especially rough, two-and-a-half decades of watching their favorite players go elsewhere. They are forced to watch Loria’s mistakes succeed in a different uniform every night; Chris Paddack, Luis Castillo, Domingo Germán, Trevor Williams and so forth are nightmare fuel.

All of the potential “two pitchers away” that would have saved the fanbase from yet another rebuild...gone. It’s emotionally draining.

That is where the catch is found, because if you are a diehard, you knew the latest rebuild was coming. You knew that Jeffrey Loria had backloaded the Giancarlo Stanton contract, and effectively depleted the worst farm system in baseball for the likes of Fernando Rodney. You knew that once the tragedy of José Fernández took place, the core’s window was done. And you knew that once their leader (Stanton) was predictably traded, the other players would angle for their own exits, too.

You knew.

But the diehards were still there to support their soon-to-be rebuilt team. They signed up for this, to root for the Fish through thick and thin.

So while the world seemingly misinterprets the current situation and further piles on the Marlins and their fanbase, the true fans remain. They brush off the lazy jokes and continue looking forward.

It finally seems like the journey is going to start paying off. New ownership has recognized these fans and been proactive about incorporating them into every facet of the new-look Marlins. They listened to them by rebranding #OurColores and upgrading the stadium, lowering concession and ticket prices, and committing to community outreach. It’s a beautiful sight.

The ultimate gratification is still years away. The 2019 offense is historically bad and reinforcements are still mostly in the minors (or not even playing professional ball yet).

And yet, through all of this, and with the growing pains still fresh, the few remain.

To those few, I simply tell you this: you are the best baseball has to offer, and you deserve for this ownership group to make this work for you! The plan is in the works, and there is reason for hope moving forward. When this turns the corner, I’ll be there to celebrate with you!


One of you