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FanPulse: Season-low 66% of Marlins fans confident in team’s direction

We’ve reached a point in the rebuild where the fanbase needs to see more positive developments to make the major league struggles bearable.

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The Marlins franchise is operating smarter and more cohesively than at any other point in recent years. But they’ve hit a bumpy stretch on the road to long-term success, and our latest fan polling reflects that.

President of business operations Chip Bowers was removed from his position after being hailed for his charisma and work ethic just last year. Vice president of player development and scouting Gary Denbo was dragged through the mud by ex-employees.

Do the Fish have the right leadership to steer them from MLB’s worst record to sustainable contender? And did all the trades of star players yield enough impact talent?

Most of you (66%) still believe so, but that’s the lowest that fan confidence has been all season.

A separate question in the survey focused on dancin’ Don Mattingly. His approval dropped to 43%, matching a season low previously recorded last month. There aren’t yet any substantial rumors about a possible midseason change, though we remind you how well that worked out in 2003.

Looking around Major League Baseball, FanPulse asked whose surprising start to 2019 is most likely to continue. Most respondents went with the first-place Tampa Bay Rays:

Another reminder that, regardless of payroll, the Marlins should (eventually) be capable of competing, too.

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