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Fish Bites Episode 16: Who do the 2019 Marlins remind you of?

Daniel Martinez identifies long-term building blocks for the Marlins and puts this team in a historical perspective.

Photo by Danis Sosa/Fish Stripes

Danny recaps the previous week of Marlins major league games (7:12), highlights Caleb Smith (9:30) and Jorge Alfaro (15:05) for their hot starts to the 2019 season, projects when you’ll see the team legitimately “competing” for the first time under new ownership (20:43) and identifies building blocks who’ll still be around for that phase of the rebuild (27:48), and draws comparisons between the 2019 Fish and several previous teams throughout franchise history (34:49).

Enjoy Fish Bites Episode 16!

Here’s one of the articles referenced in the pod...

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