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Miami Marlins unveil new costume for Billy the Marlin mascot

Aligning with the “Our Colores” rebrand, the Marlins made some tweaks to their mascot.

Photo by @DavidDave87/Twitter

After the Marlins previously teased his big reveal, Billy the Marlin appeared at Saturday’s FanFest to debut his new costume. It’s, uh...certainly different.

As a reminder, here is a look at the mascot from the 2018 season:

Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

A closer look accentuates several changes:

Obviously, he has been outfitted with the rebranded jersey and cap. No more orange on Billy’s fin or pants. The belly doesn’t protrude quite as much as we’re used to seeing.

They made his eyebrows bushier? Also, the eyes beneath them are more cartoonish.

In one form or another, Billy has been the Marlins mascot since their inaugural 1993 campaign. Do you trust this newest version of him around your children?

Fish Stripes is providing tons of coverage for you before/during/after Saturday’s FanFest. Organizing all of the highlights on Twitter.