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Fish Bites Episode 54: Full Corey Dickerson deal breakdown

The Marlins made their biggest commitment yet to improving the 2020 roster, so let’s take an in-depth look at Corey Dickerson’s fit with the team.

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

All month, we have been anticipating that the Marlins would add a reliable outfield bat. They finally took the plunge on Saturday (pending a physical), signing free agent Corey Dickerson for two years and $17.5 million. What is his plate approach? Can he handle left-handed pitching? How did he win a 2018 NL Gold Glove award? And what does this mean for the rest of Miami’s defensive alignment? Ely details Dickerson’s full career path and skill set.

Enjoy Episode 54!

Our own Juan Páez dug up several stats of his own that suggest Dickerson could make a smooth transition to the Fish.

The 30-year-old Mississippi native makes frequent use of the opposite field, so although he doesn’t hit the ball exceptionally hard, he’s difficult to defend (career .331 BABIP). Dickerson carries significant platoon splits in the majors—125 wRC+ vs. RHP, 90 wRC+ vs. LHP—but has quietly been improving against same-handed pitching over the past few seasons. The jury is still out on his effectiveness in left field; outside of Dickerson’s stellar 2018 (16 Defensive Runs Saved, 10 Outs Above Average), he has rated as more or less an average option out there.

How about some New Year’s resolutions for the Marlins? In 2020, I’d like to see them make more aggressive baserunning decisions, give many of their top prospects a taste of The Show over the course of the season, and finalize a contract extension with Brian Anderson.

Comment with your resolutions! (Focus on things that are entirely within the team’s control, rather than wishful thinking.)

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