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Our Noticias 11/5/19: Free agency begins

It’s time to pre-heat the Hot Stove.

Divisional Series - Houston Astros v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Four Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

It’s Hot Stove season

MLB free agency is underway. Anything can happen in the offseason, from trades to super-stars signing mega-deals, although the Marlins are looking at a quiet offseason. Still, everyone is taking their best guess at who the team will bring in to continue the rebuild.

MLB Trade Rumors took their shot...

Raise your hand if you said Avisail Garcia would be the big free-agent signing for the Fish! The Venezuelan is coming off a bounceback campaign in Tampa, and if he can be had at the suggested price tag ($12 million over two years), he’d make sense as a cheap veteran power bat.

We certainly proffered perhaps more fun options, Sergio Romo and Eric Thames so far. And there’s more to come.

Our latest Fish Bites pod talks possible and ideal offseason moves in depth. And if you’re wondering where the former Marlin free agents will end up, we’ve got you covered, too.

Other notes:

The club isn’t done adding to their coaching staff, offering GIants’ bench coach Hensley Meulens a position with the team.

Many Marlins are still playing in various winter leagues. Juan Páez has an update, with a version en español due out Wednesday.

Pitcher List took a look at the fantasy prospects for Miami’s likely starting lineup as it currently stands.

Finally, I was definitely not alone in recalling Rally Cat when perhaps a cousin of his stole the show on Monday Night Football.