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Marlins Triple-A affiliate teases Nov. 13 Wichita rebrand announcement

We’re about one month away from finding out which team will replace the New Orleans Baby Cakes for the 2020 season.

The most recent potential team logo shared by Wichita Baseball 2020.

Nearly one year to the day that the Miami Marlins unveiled their new logo and uniforms, the franchise’s Triple-A affiliate is planning its own reintroduction to the world. Wichita Baseball 2020—formerly the New Orleans Baby Cakes—announced in a social media post Friday that the team has “something special” scheduled for Nov. 13.

There has been a months-long build-up toward this rebranding. Wichita Baseball has floated River Riders, 29ers, Linemen and Doo-Dahs as possible alternatives to “Baby Cakes” (all of which have regional/cultural significance to the new city). Even more unconventional, the team recently uploaded a logo without an accompanying name, urging fans to fill in the blank.

A huge factor that influenced the departure from New Orleans, the Wichita _____ will play their games in a publicly funded, state-of-the-art ballpark. With the home opener six months away, the construction process is still far from complete.

Top prospects like Sixto Sánchez, Jesús Sánchez, Monte Harrison and Nick Neidert project to lead the Triple-A affiliate into this new era (assuming that they don’t squeeze onto the Marlins’ 2020 Opening Day roster).

Additional info about Triple-A Wichita is available here.