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Miami Marlins links 8/15/2018: The ñ edition

Plus, all your Thursday Fish links

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Judge for yourself:

I am not sure there was a game last night, and if there was, it seems to have only lasted one pitch. Braves phenom Ronald Acuña did not lead off his fourth straight game with a home run because Jose Ureña drilled the rookie with the first pitch of the game, and all hell broke loose.

Freddie Freeman wasn’t having it, and neither was twitter. Actor Michael Kelly, apparently a big Braves fan, lost his mind. There was even bilingual condemnation.

The flagship site got involved. ESPN provided further evidence the pitch was intentional. Even Ureña’s body language was analyzed and debated.

But before we declare him guilty, let’s hear from Ureña himself.

The young pitcher wasn’t without supporters, however.

For my part, I hope this wasn’t intentional, but it is hard to believe it wasn’t. And I hope this serves to further stigmatize this sort of action in baseball. There is no reason for fans to miss seeing the game’s stars play because they are too good.

Acuña is apparently okay.

Last night’s game:

Oh right, there was a game after that. The Braves completed the four-game sweep, winning 5-2 thanks largely to Dansby Swanson’s homer and three RBI. Starlin Castro provided the offense for the Fish, homering in the fourth to make it 2-0.

Of course, Mattingly addressed the media.

At least there was a bright side for the Fish.

Elsewhere in Marlins Nation:

I’ll give you one guess who the Marlins’ “game changer” is according to this article.

The team called up prolific hitting prospect Austin Dean yesterday:

Fox Sports spoke to Dean’s girlfriend about the promotion and what it meant for them.

A Sea of Blue, our sister site for Kentucky athletics, notes Tristan Pompey’s rise through the system.

Webster supports the Marlins’ language initiative:

Up next:

Today is an off day as the Fish travel to Washington where they will take on the Nats. The three-game series starts Friday at 7: 05 p.m. Dan Straily (4-5) is set to take on the ever-dreaded TBA.