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Hailey Dawson’s “Journey to 30” comes to Marlins Park

Friday’s honorary first pitch was thrown out by an inspiring young girl born with a rare disease.

Hailey Dawson first pitch at Marlins Park (August 10, 2018)

Lewis Brinson is typically an outfielder, but he showed some versatility Friday night and tried out a new defensive position. Brinson served as catcher for Hailey Dawson, who threw out the honorary first pitch at Marlins Park prior to the game against the Mets.

Hailey was born with Poland syndrome, which stunted the development of the fingers on her right hand. This #JourneyTo30 aims to raise awareness about the disease.

Students at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) have engineered a 3-D printed robotic hand, allowing her to live like a normal kid. They customize new ones for every ballpark that she visits, including this Marlins version.


Brinson, Don Mattingly and other members of the team signed her hand prior to the game.

Marlins Park was No. 27 on Hailey’s league-wide journey. She will reach the finish line next month after stopping by Great American Ball Park (August 18), Kauffman Stadium (August 25) and Angel Stadium (September 16).

Follow Hailey’s official accounts on Instagram (haileys_hand) and Twitter (@haileys_hand).