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Marlins GIFriday, July 2018 edition

Original GIFs for Marlins fans, made easy to save and share.

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

We use this GIFriday series to feature the best Fish Stripes original GIFs created throughout the 2018 Marlins season. It’s a variety of game highlights and silliness for our loyal readers to share or save for posterity.

From here, you can download them to your own device. On a phone/tablet, tap the image once to separate it from the article, then hold it down to save. On desktop, left-click the image once to separate, then right-click to save.

Keep in mind, MLB Advanced Media has their own “GIF & Embeddable Video Hub” that you can explore by searching for “Marlins” or any individual players. Our Fish Stripes GIFs capture moments that are not included in MLB’s hub.


You never know around this time of year! Dugouts hug could just be recognizing a job well done...or something much, much more.

Fish Stripes original GIF

“Only 6,000 fans here today, but we’re gonna make it sound like 8,000-plus”

Fish Stripes original GIF

Metaphors on the field

The Marlins were widely expected to flip Starlin Castro for another team’s prospects shortly after he arrived via trade in December. But even as he’s put together a productive all-around campaign, there are barely any rumblings about contenders showing interest. At least he seems to be cherishing the time he has in Miami.

Fish Stripes original GIF

“Please, Dad, just try to act cool”

With a .241 on-base percentage this season and sporadic playing time behind J.T. Realmuto, Bryan Holaday rarely finds himself in this situation.

Fish Stripes original GIF

When the fans want you to acknowledge them, even though they didn’t vote you in as a starter

Realmuto’s production in 2018 is exceptional relative to his position. He took the high road, but had every right to feel disrespected by both fans and his peers.

Fish Stripes original GIF

PhD in saliva engineering

Fish Stripes original GIF