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2018 Marlins FOX Sports Florida Fantasy Auction preview

The Marlins take on the Nats, and you take on fans who want these great experiences for themselves!

2017 Fantasy Auction review

Have you ever wanted to be a Major League Baseball player for a day? Or how does going on a road trip with your favorites Marlin players sound? Grab your checkbooks because, yes folks, its that time of year again: FANTASY AUCTION time!

Now in its 13th year, the Marlins and FOX Sports have teamed up to raise money for the Marlins Foundation through the auction. You and your friends have the opportunity to bid on different types of packages throughout the night. The team encourages you to preregister now so that your auction account is ready when bidding begins at 6:30pm (coinciding with the FOX Sports Florida pregame show).

The Marlins already teased the full details for a few of the packages:

There’s still time to experience the auction from Marlins Park. The team is bundling a game ticket, pregame party access, an autographed baseball and sponsored swag—adjustable cap, arm sleeve and tote bag—for $100 total.

Throughout the game broadcast, FS Florida will highlight many of the packages in extra detail and update where the bidding currently stands. Last year’s event set a record by raising $151,000 for the foundation.

The man in the bright orange jersey has been known to contribute generously to the auction by buying a handful of the experiences himself. However, his participation in 2018 is not guaranteed considering how his relationship with the Marlins has soured. That means we might see a wide variety of winners, so don’t be shy.

Miguel Rojas is standing by to process your order! For more information go to

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