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Fantasy Baseball: Add/Drop/Trade for July 20

Start off the second half strong!

New York Mets v Miami Marlins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The end of the MLB All-Star break means fantasy baseball owners are scrambling to set lineups again for that big playoff push! Today, we will go over the players you should Add, Drop and even trade away this weekend to set yourself up to win in the second half of the season.


Colorado Rockies v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

MLB: My go-to add for your playoff run is Carlos González from the Rockies. He is currently hitting .280 with 11 HR and 41 RBI. He really got it going before the break and get this—he is available in 50% of ESPN leagues.

Marlins: One name and I’ve said it before, Brian Anderson. He is available in 30% of leagues. I’m so upset about this that I don’t see the need to comment further. He is the NL Rookie of the Year front runner (in my book). Add him now!


MLB: My must-drop is Yasiel Puig. If you can’t find someone to take him in a trade just cut him loose. Once he gets back from injury, his playing time should drop with the acquisition of Manny Machado (see “Trade Away” for more on that subject).

Marlins: Only 3 Marlin players are added on 50% or more of ESPN teams. I would hold onto all of them. No need for a move here.

Trade Away

MLB: Due to the Machado trade, the Dodgers will be shuffling around their defense to start the year. With Max Muncy taking over first base more regularly and Cody Bellinger moving to the outfield, only one of the following players will see enough playing time to make any type of impact: Joc Pederson, Andrew Toles, Yasiel Puig. Trade them now for whatever viable player you can get!

Marlins: Hey, MLB scouts—don’t read this. Everybody else...the Marlins player I would trade away right now is Kyle Barraclough. I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out!

In his last three opportunities, he is 1-3 in save opportunities with a blown save and a loss. Besides that, the way the Marlins play, will Barraclough really be getting enough save opportunities to make a difference in your playoff run? Sure he could be traded to a contender, but if that’s the case, what if he gets traded to a team that wants to use him in the 8th inning and not the 9th? (Important note: know your league rules and if holds is a stat you play with, then I suggest holding off).

Check out your opponents’ teams, find a nice bat on his bench and make a trade offer...They’ll bite.

Let me know who you would drop, Add and trade away below!