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FanPost Friday: What’s Your Favorite “Teal” Memory?

Looking back in honor of the Marlins 25th Anniversary

With the upcoming 25th Anniversary Weekend, the Marlins are throwing it all the way back.

As we approach the weekend devoted to honoring the past, I thought this week the FanPost prompt could revolve around favorite memories of time the Marlins spent in teal. Obviously, the two World Series championship teams in 1997 and 2003 will more than likely be the most popular choices.

However, I think that being a baseball fan sometimes revolves around the niche moments. The times you watched a particular, random game in the middle of the summer with a loved one. Or a game where that one player that you followed more than the average fan did something extraordinarily special. The moments that seem to confirm the herculean season.

For myself, the time the Marlins spent wearing teal felt a bit more authentic. As if that was the color they were ordained to wear by some omnipotent baseball overlord. Like there was some tailor that decided that that was how Jeff Conine and Juan Pierre were supposed to look on the field. While I don’t have any gripes with the current panoply of orange, blue, black, white, grey, yellow, etc., it seems like it’s been an extended experiment in the alternative.

So if you had to pick a favorite moment of the Florida Marlins in their natural teal, what would you say? Whip us up a FanPost and let us know!