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Marlins GIFriday, June 2018 edition

Original GIFs for Marlins fans, made easy to save and share (read the instructions please!)

Miami Marlins v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

We use this GIFriday series to feature Fish Stripes original GIFs created throughout the 2018 Marlins season. It’s a variety of game highlights and silliness for our loyal readers to share or save for posterity.

From here, you can download them to your own device. On a phone/tablet, tap the image once to separate it from the article, then hold it down to save. On desktop, left-click the image once to separate, then right-click to save.

Keep in mind, MLB Advanced Media has their own “GIF & Embeddable Video Hub” that you can explore by searching for “Marlins” or any individual players. Our Fish Stripes GIFs capture moments that are not included in MLB’s hub.

That Anniversary Weekend SWAG

Got a feeling it won’t be too long until the teal becomes a regular part of the Marlins color scheme again. In the meantime, let’s savor the small taste we got of it during the June 8-10 series.

Fish Stripes original GIF

“You’re trying to make an offer for Realmuto without including your club’s No. 1 prospect?”

Fish Stripes original GIF

The silver lining to all those empty seats

It really is a much easier play for Justin Bour without paying customers getting in the way!

Fish Stripes original GIF

That feeling when you find another great everyday player in the third round of the draft

Just like J.T. Realmuto, Brian Anderson has exceeded the expectations that scouts had for him coming up through the Marlins farm system.

Fish Stripes original GIF

Bring ‘em to the edge of their seats

Or in this case, railing. From the Miguel Rojas game-winner in San Francisco.

Fish Stripes original GIF

Booty got him like...

Fish Stripes original GIF

*alarm clock goes off*

Starlin Castro can just roll out of bed and hit .280. Always had that kind of talent.

Fish Stripes original GIF