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Brian Anderson reaches full potential after big position change

Anderson has learned to play right field on the fly and thrived in the batter’s box.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

A majority of Marlins players have experienced relatively tumultuous seasons. Brian Anderson, on the other hand, has undergone an incredibly successful 2018 MLB campaign. The 25-year-old has been vying for an All-Star spot, posting All-Star like numbers in a Marlins’ uniform.

Entering Monday, the Marlins right fielder has an utterly impressive statistical slash line of .303/.377/.422 for an OPS of .799, participating in 60 major league games and receiving 244 plate appearances.

Anderson wasn’t producing monster-like numbers offensively until Don Mattingly displaced him from his usual third base position. Originally, the motivation was to create playing time for Martín Prado as the veteran returned from a knee injury.

Prado is on the disabled list again, but there’s no urgency to move Anderson back. He owns a .825 OPS when playing right field compared to a more pedestrian .769 OPS at the hot corner. Even better, the rookie has rapidly adjusted to the new defensive assignment, racking up four assists in his first 36 outfield starts.

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Of Anderson’s 74 total hits, 16 are doubles, 2 are triples, and 3 are homers (combined 21 extra-base hits). In addition, Brian Anderson leads the Marlins with 30 RBIs and a respectable 54:24 strikeout-to-walk ratio.

The former 2014 MLB draft selection—No. 76 overall—has experienced great success lately, registering a slash line of .342/.389/.470 in the past 30 contests. Focusing on just the 7 most recent games, he is even more dominant (.429/.484/.643).

While Anderson lags behind players from big-market teams in the early All-Star fan balloting, he makes a convincing case to be selected as a reserve on the roster. Continuing to perform extremely well—especially at the plate—should earn BA more recognition across the league...even if it’s at a position nobody could’ve expected.