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FanPost Friday: Who’s your All-Time Announcer?

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

The Marlins announcing booth has seen considerable changes over the last few years. Last season, Todd Hollandsworth was added to the staff from CSN Chicago following an 11-year career in the majors. He effectively replaced Tommy Hutton, who had been with the team as the color analyst from 1997 to 2015. The 2016 season featured a bevy of temporary analysts like Jeff Conine, Preston Wilson, Eduardo Perez, Al Leiter, and others. Even Rich Waltz, the play-by-play announcer since 2005, was released at the end of the 2017 season. After a search that took place over the course of the offseason, the Marlins decided on Paul Severino who had been with the MLB Network since 2011. As viewers have probably noticed, long-time reporter Craig Minervini will be subbing in for Severino for 10 games this season.

Whew...borderline revolving door at this point in the booth.

Generally speaking, I like the Marlins TV analysis. They obviously aren’t anything iconic like Vin Scully, but they also don’t say dumb things like Mike Schmidt a few weeks ago. They stick to baseball the majority of the time, but it’s always entertaining when they don’t. A few recent examples being Jessica Blaylock eating the grasshoppers at at Safeco Field and Craig Minervini interviewing the Wet Bandits.

Prompt: Out of every announcer the Marlins have had, who was or is your favorite? If you could mix and match a variety of broadcasters what would your crew look like? Do you have a non-Marlins announcer that’s a favorite?

(I’m partial to the Carey Dynasty, to be honest)

Whip us up a Fanpost and let us know what your thoughts are on the prompt!

Marlins TV Broadcasters

Broadcaster Position Years
Broadcaster Position Years
Gary Carter TV Analyst 1993-1996
Jay Randolph Play-by-Play 1993-2000
Joe Angel Play-by-Play 1997-2000
Tommy Hutton TV Analyst 1997-2015
Len Kasper Play-by-Play 2002-2004
Craig Minervini Reporter 2002-present
Dave O'Brien Play-by-Play 1997-2001
Raul Striker Jr. SAP Play-by-Play 2003-present
Preston Wilson TV Analyst 2016
Eduardo Perez TV Analyst 2016
Al Leiter TV Analyst 2016
Jeff Conine TV Analyst 2016
Rich Waltz Play-by-Play 2005-2017
Todd Hollandsworth TV Analyst 2017-present
Paul Severino Play-by-Play 2018-present