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Miami Marlins links, 5/30/18: Fish fall to Padres in parade of errors

It’s time for your Hump Day Marlins links.

MLB: Miami Marlins at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Late-night losers

The Fish failed in every facet of the game, save perhaps offense, on Tuesday, falling to the Padres 9-5. And while Lewis Brinson added this to his highlight reel...

...he also made two errors that allowed runs to score, and continues to struggle at the plate, prompting manager Don Mattingly to mention “internal discussions” of doing what’s in Brinson’s best interest.

Dan Straily had a rocky first inning, cruised through the next four, and then was perhaps left in too long. He threw a season-high 108 pitches.

Mattingly had this to say afterwards:

The game wasn’t completely bereft of Fish fun, J.T. Riddle made the sweet grab you see below, and later hit an inside-the-park home run (thanks to the Padres returning the poor defense).

However, the main reason I point this play out to you is that, as someone who attempts to make fish puns for a living, I am just so happy there is a “Fresh Catch of the Day” sponsor. I mean, that’s just great marketing. Thank you, Bonefish Grill—you made this writer’s night.

Alcántara watch

The Super-Two cutoff is fast approaching, which will make it even easier for the Marlins to call up one of their top prospects, Sandy Alcántara. MLB Trade Rumors says he’s knocking down the door. But we’re already convinced:


Also on Tuesday, Fox Sports Florida posted some neat audio clips of the players. The coolest one is Dan Straily relating advice he received from Andy Pettitte on how to sustain a pitching career:

Straily also spoke about his work off the field. Lewis Brinson, of course a Fort Lauderdale native, was asked about his favorite Marlins memory.

It’s draft season!

The MLB draft—which happens next week!—should be one of the bright spots of the season for a rebuilding club like the Marlins. To put that in perspective though, some looked to the future, and others looked to the past. The recent past too, but it hasn’t been as kind.

Wednesday’s game

I said this last week, and I’ll say it again: poor Jose Ureña. Only once this season has he given up more than four runs or failed to pitch five innings, and that was his first start this year, March 29 against Boston. He dodged a bullet against Max Scherzer last week, but has been extremely unlucky overall, evidenced by his 0-7 record on the year. His next loss will set a team record no one wants.

Here’s how he stacks up his mound opponent, Clayton Richard. Game time is 10:10 pm.