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Marlins GIFriday, May 4-24 edition

The Fish Stripes original series returns to make it easier than ever to save/share Marlins 2018 GIFs.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

We use this GIFriday series to feature Fish Stripes original GIFs created throughout the 2018 Marlins season. It’s a variety of game highlights and silliness for our loyal readers to share or save for posterity.

From here, you can download them to your own device. On a phone/tablet, tap the image once to separate it from the article, then hold it down to save. On desktop, left-click the image once to separate, then right-click to save.

Keep in mind, MLB Advanced Media has their own “GIF & Embeddable Video Hub” that you can explore by searching for “Marlins” or any individual players. Our Fish Stripes GIFs capture moments that are not included in MLB’s hub.

Getting the monkey off your bat

Revisited some inaugural 1993 season footage for a very random stat and focused on the smirk, not the swing. It took Jeff Conine until his 61st career game to hit a major league home run, but the pace obviously picked up from there.

“Don’t call us pushovers unless who wanna get pushed over!”

More than a coincidence? Slumping prior to this May 8 game, Derek Dietrich has batted .333/.415/.556 since to maintain semi-regular playing time for the Marlins.

That face when your rival may have found a diamond in the rough

Even with some inconsistencies, Caleb Smith is arguably the strongest candidate that the Fish have in this season’s NL Rookie of the Year race. When he’s simply throwing strikes, opponents are pretty helpless.

Knowing that the pranks are coming on April Fools’ Day and falling for them anyway

We still love you, Justin Bour.

Telling the teacher to loosen up on the last day of classes

And some of you need to loosen up about Brad Ziegler. If the discrepancy between Ziegler’s 6.55 ERA and 4.15 FIP is any indication, expect much more effective outings from him moving forward.

For when you make great weekend plans, but are too lazy to follow through on them

No longer a Fish out of water

Even if Brian Anderson’s long-term future is as a corner infielder, he has shown legitimate versatility over the past month.

Bringing some swagger into the new building

Reliever Antonio Alfonseca is among the alumni participating in the 25th anniversary Weekend softball game. He livened up the later innings for the Marlins from 1997-2001.

Fastest hands in the east

The pop time on this J.T. Realmuto caught stealing against the Mets (1.76 seconds) is the best ever recorded by Statcast (since 2015).

“Did I do it right, Lewis?”