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Icthyomacy Round #4

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

And we’re back! A few things to keep in mind as we review this week’s contest. First off, we announced our prize for the winner last week. Courtesy of the Miami-based outdoors company, Huspas, we will be sending the winner a 60-liter external frame hiking backpack valued at $50! Check out their website for more great deals on any and all of your outdoor needs.

Secondly, if you can get someone to participate in Icthyomancy and drop your username in the comments, I’ll give you both five points just for playing. We’ve got a close contest at the top and every point counts!

Once again, here are our rules if there is someone that has no idea what Icthyomancy is:


Attendance is a big deal in Marlins baseball, like it or not. In each game, we will guess the attendance of the game, home or away, and the closest guess will be worth 2 points.

Individual Games

You can make your best prediction for game scores. A pass costs you nothing. Post your prediction of the score, and if it’s a direct hit (with the correct teams), that’s three points. If you pick the correct winner and by the actual number of runs, that’ll be two points. Predict which team wins, and that’s a single point.

Individual Predictions

These are our prop bets. You’re allowed to make up to two “outside the box” predictions for each contest. Points will be awarded based on the probability of something happening at my discretion. If you’ve predicted something unfathomably rare (a no-hitter, pitcher hits two home runs, Justin Bour steals seven bases) and it comes true, that’s going to be a lot of points. Everyday things will be worth less. What the heck? The game is free - swing for the fences.

Icthy Update #4

Name Total Score Attendance W/L Prop
Name Total Score Attendance W/L Prop
Paolo2387 83 20 14 49
gustavopim 80 28 10 42
2qbn 47 19 9 19
Marlon D 33 6 7 20
chasejs2013892 20 2 6 12
fishfan95 4 2 1 1

Game 35

Chicago Cubs: 4 Marlins: 3 Attendance: 40,051

Leading us off this week was gustavopim with the two-point attendance pick. Paolo2387, our recent leader on the board, grabbed 5 total points for the home run and scoring with RISP prop bets.

Game 36

Cubs: 13 Marlins: 4 Attendance: 34,486

Once again, gustavopim hit the Wei-Yen Chen prop bet (2 points), 2 home runs (4 points), and the attendance pick (2 points). Paolo2387 had a similar prop bet, however was only gifted 3 points as he only specified at least one home run.

Game 37

Atlanta Braves: 9 Fish: 2 Attendance: 8,277

MarlonD received 6 total points for the attendance and for the prop bet that specified Caleb Smith (5.1 IP) pitching more than Mike Foltynewicz (5.0 IP)

Game 38

Marlins: 6 Braves: 3 Attendance: 9,149

Lots of points to give out here! 2qbn made some noise with 5 different point gathering bets. First off, the attendance pick was closer than anyone else’s, ergo we delivered the 2 points in a nicely wrapped package. The “Marlins will field a team” made me laugh and also reminded me of the recent Onion article posted below. No, don’t try that again and I only gave out 1 point for it. I am an understanding but (fairly) legalistic ruler. He also received 2 points for the J.T. Realmuto and Lewis Brinson prop bets, and 1 point for choosing the winning team. Gustavopim received 2 points for win as he guessed the actual winner and the point differential. Paolo2387 wracked up here with 2 points for the win/point differential, 7 points for 2 different lead-off home runs, and 3 points for the Brad Ziegler save. I elevated the last one a touch for it being Z’s 100th career save.