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FanPost Friday: Bring back the best

Let us know which World Series champion you want on today’s team

Phillies v Marlins Photo by Victor Baldizon/Getty Images

FanPost Prompt: If you could draw one player from the MarlinsWorld Series teams, restore him to his prime, and put him into the lineup right now who would you pick?

The 1997 and 2003 Florida Marlins won two of the most unlikely World Series ever. With the ‘97 team being only 3 years beyond its point of creation, they defeated the Cleveland Indians 4 games to 3, making them the first Wild Card team to win the World Series.

Juan Encarnación ended Game 7 with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the bottom of the 11th. Craig Counsell’s double fist-pump as he crossed home is still one of my favorite shots in all of sports.

Meanwhile, the 2003 iteration became just the 2nd team in baseball history to win a World Series championship while being 10 or more games below .500 at some point in the season. They fired manager Jeff Torborg a mere 38 games into their campaign, and brought on 72-year-old, cigar-toting Jack McKeon. At some point that season they would call up Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis and trade for/sign Jeff Conine, Ugueth Urbina , and Aaron Small. They would go on to beat the New York freakin’ Yankees in 6 games.

*puffs victoriously*

Jack McKeon #15 smokes a cigar Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

So out of every player on the two championship rosters (see full lists below), who do you pull up and drop into the 2018 team? Based on past performance, you could significantly improve the starting pitching, bolster one of the worst offenses in today’s game, OR you could really spice things up and trade one of these guys in true Marlins fashion. If that’s the case, what team would you trade the player to and what would you expect in return?

Whip us up a Fanpost and let us know what your thoughts are on the prompt!

1997 Florida Marlins Roster

Player Position (General)
Player Position (General)
Antonio Alfonseca Pitcher
Kevin Brown Pitcher
Dennis Cook Pitcher
Alex Fernandez Pitcher
Rick Helling Pitcher
Felix Heredia Pitcher
Liván Hernández Pitcher
Mark Hutton Pitcher
Al Leiter Pitcher
Kurt Miller Pitcher
Rob Nen Pitcher
Kirt Ojala Pitcher
Donn Pall Pitcher
Jay Powell Pitcher
Pat Rapp Pitcher
Tony Saunders Pitcher
Rob Stanifer Pitcher
Ed Vosberg Pitcher
Matt Whisenant Pitcher
Charles Johnson Catcher
Bob Natal Catcher
Gregg Zaun Catcher
Kurt Abbott Infielder
Alex Arias Infielder
Bobby Bonilla Infielder
Josh Booty Infielder
Luis Castillo Infielder
Jeff Conine Infielder
Craig Counsell Infielder
Darren Daulton Infielder
Ralph Milliard Infielder
Edgar Renteria Infielder
Moisés Alou Outfielder
John Cangelosi Outfielder
Todd Dunwoody Outfielder
Jim Eisenreich Outfielder
Cliff Floyd Outfielder
Mark Kotsay Outfielder
Billy McMillon Outfielder
Russ Morman Outfielder
Gary Sheffield Outfielder
John Wehner Outfielder
Devon White Outfielder

2003 Florida Marlins Roster

Player Position (General)
Player Position (General)
Armando Almanza Pitcher
Juan Alvarez Pitcher
Josh Beckett Pitcher
Toby Borland Pitcher
Nate Bump Pitcher
A.J. Burnett Pitcher
Chad Fox Pitcher
Rick Helling Pitcher
Allen Levrault Pitcher
Braden Looper Pitcher
Blaine Neal Pitcher
Vladimir Núñez Pitcher
Kevin Olsen Pitcher
Carl Pavano Pitcher
Brad Penny Pitcher
Tommy Phelps Pitcher
Mark Redman Pitcher
Tim Spooneybarger Pitcher
Michael Tejera Pitcher
Ugueth Urbina Pitcher
Justin Wayne Pitcher
Dontrelle Willis Pitcher
Ramón Castro Catcher
Mike Redmond Catcher
Iván Rodríguez Catcher
Luis Castillo Infielder
Andy Fox Infielder
Alex Gonzalez Infielder
Mike Mordecai Infielder
Derrek Lee Infielder
Lenny Harris Infielder
Mike Lowell Infielder
Chad Allen Outfielder
Miguel Cabrera Outfielder
Jeff Conine Outfielder
Juan Encarnación Outfielder
Todd Hollandsworth Outfielder
Juan Pierre Outfielder
Gerald Williams Outfielder