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Welcome to GIFriday! Marlins highlights and reactions to save and share

The April 6 edition features the best and weirdest GIFs from the opening week of the 2018 season.

Every Friday during the 2018 Marlins season (starting this Friday), we will use this series to feature Fish Stripes original GIFs created that week. A variety of game highlights and silliness for our loyal readers to share or save for posterity.

From here, you can download them to your own device. On a phone/tablet, tap the image once to separate it from the article, then hold it down to save. On desktop, click the image once to separate, then right-click to save.

Keep in mind, MLB Advanced Media has their own “GIF & Embeddable Video Hub” that you can explore by searching for “Marlins” or any individual players. Our Fish Stripes GIFs capture moments that are not included in MLB’s hub.

“Siri, show me ‘solid contact’”

Lewis Brinson is scorching the ball to begin his Marlins career (even if the production doesn’t fully reflect that).

Fish Stripes

CEO cuisine

By the 14th inning of this Cubs-Marlins game, seems that Derek Jeter and guests had already cleaned out all the fancy food from his suite at the ballpark.

Fish Stripes

“We only had five hours of conversation planned for this broadcast, so...Craig, wave for the camera.”

Fish Stripes

Make baseball quirky again

Odrisamer Despaigne was promptly reassigned to the bullpen after his first start. You can’t trust Despaigne to be consistently effective, but he arguably brings as much entertainment value as any Marlins pitcher.

Fish Stripes

“Nah, I’ll stay put—gogogo!”

Although he has since been optioned down to Triple-A New Orleans, Braxton Lee demonstrated elite speed that allows him to cover up for moments of indecision.

Fish Stripes

Long fly balls: an emotional rollercoaster

Dillon Peters had doubts about his defense making this play, but Lewis Brinson earned an applause from him after securing the catch.

Fish Stripes

Wakanda Forever

Or at least when Brinson, Cameron Maybin and Derek Dietrich close out a Marlins win. Don’t really think that’s Garrett Cooper’s style.

Fish Stripes

Just gettin’ started

Trevor Richards throwing the first pitch of his major league career to Mookie Betts of the Red Sox on Monday night.

Fish Stripes

Sometimes, the ball doesn’t roll your way

Richards had to put in a lot of work when several seemingly harmless ground balls led to extra baserunners. Wasn’t much they could do with this one, though.

Fish Stripes

“Thanks, Mr. Maybin!”

From the Maybin Mission kids camp (originally filmed during spring training).

Fish Stripes

Can you tell that isn’t his natural position?

Offseason moves pushed Dietrich into an everyday role. His bat’s been fine, but starting to get the sense that the NL Gold Glove is going to another club’s left fielder this season.

Fish Stripes

“I can get used to this life”

Fish Stripes

We’ll be putting these GIFs to use daily on Twitter. Check back here next Friday to add more to your collection.