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Marlins GIFriday, April 13-19 edition

The best and weirdest Fish Stripes GIFs from the third week of the 2018 season.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Every Friday during the 2018 Marlins season, we will use this series to feature Fish Stripes original GIFs created that week. A variety of game highlights and silliness for our loyal readers to share or save for posterity.

From here, you can download them to your own device. On a phone/tablet, tap the image once to separate it from the article, then hold it down to save. On desktop, click the image once to separate, then right-click to save.

Keep in mind, MLB Advanced Media has their own “GIF & Embeddable Video Hub” that you can explore by searching for “Marlins” or any individual players. Our Fish Stripes GIFs capture moments that are not included in MLB’s hub.

Down the middle of the fairway

You’ll often see this kind of camera shot in golf coverage—the ball bouncing along the luscious grass, not a living soul to be found anywhere on the screen. But when this happens on a live baseball play, something’s probably gone very wrong!

*sweating profusely* “Wish Jeter would close the roof on days like this...Oh, it is closed? You sure?”

A danger to himself and others

Brett Gardner smacked this lousy Tyler Cloyd pitch 104.7 miles per hour off the bat and at a five-degree launch angle. When a veteran umpire like Bill Welke—two decades of MLB experience—can’t react quickly enough, it makes you understand why the league pressured all 30 ballparks into expanded netting along the baselines.

Better get used to these close-ups

Every move J.T. Realmuto makes for the next several months will be monitored by contending teams as they contemplate whether it’s worth pursuing Miami’s star catcher.

When you’re in such a rush to leave for the game that you forget your phone at home

He may have had us fooled for a week or so, but Starlin Castro is gradually showing the Marlins why two different teams considered him expendable.

Big league vocabulary

Rookie Brian Anderson has played every single inning of every Marlins game, and wants to keep that streak alive a little longer. Tell the ump how you really feel—just do it as you’re walking away from him.

Never doubted him!

The first small sample of Lewis Brinson as top-of-the-lineup, face-of-the-franchise player was discouraging. But he will be fine.