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Overreaction Monday: When the going gets tough

The tough, uh, try and win some ballgames please?

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy Fish Fans and welcome back to your favorite column, the one, the only Overreaction Monday: Miami Marlins Edition! Here we will breakdown the triumphs and letdowns of this past home weekend series.

The last time this column ran, we saw our beloved Marlins coming off a weekend series against the Cubs where they managed to split the series two games a piece. Since then, the Marlins have only won two other games...but no worries Fish fans, I am here to make you feel better! Let’s get started!

Game 1: Marlins smoke the Pirates 7-2

We find our boys at a record of 3-9 entering into a weekend home series against those Salty Dogs from Pittsburgh, the Pirates. Coming off a sweep at the hands of the Mets, the Marlins found themselves needing a win and on Friday night, hot dog we won a game! The bats woke up for about the first time this season, I am pretty sure its the first time we scored more then five runs in a game. Now, I say the term “bats woke up” loosely; the Pirates played sloppy defense and the Fish took full advantage. Here are our Friday Night Stars:

⭐️⭐️⭐️ - JB Shuck - 4-4

⭐⭐️️- Dillon Peters- 6.0 IP, 5 hits 2 ER

⭐️- Miguel Rojas- 4-5

JB left the Pirates saying “What the Shuck?!” The Marlins starting right fielder Friday night went 4-4! That’s right he’s batting 1.000. Not bad for a team debut. Three stars young man, three stars. Like every other game our home town heroes have played, the Marlins are only going as far as the starting pitching will take them.

Dillon Peters earned two stars for his performance Friday night as he shut down the Pirates for all but one inning. Your not going to throw a shutout every game and you know what? I’m good with that. Way to bounce back Peters, your ERA should be back under 10.

Our final star goes to a Team Captain, not only did he go 3-4 but he also flashed some nice leather at short stop. Our final star goes to Miguel Rojas. Rojas is proving he can be an everyday starter in this league. Personally I hope he stays consistent, especially with Riddle and Prado getting healthy.

The “WHAT THE!?” award winners of the game go to...

...Brian Anderson.

I mean he’s human.. right? He went 0-4 and had an ugly attempt at a play at third but listen, let’s not overreact the kid’s a stud it’s just a growing pain...I hope. Anderson is still my choice to win Rookie of the Year! Quote me on that.

I decided to give a second “WHAT THE!” award on Friday night...

...that goes to Starlin Castro.

He didn’t do anything obviously horrible but dude grounds into more double plays than anyone I’ve seen. Come on man, barrel it up some!

Game 2: Heartbreak in the ninth, Pirates win 1-0

If your into games with tons of runs, well Saturday night wasn’t for you but it did have some energy around it. To quote the greatest manager of all time:

“we won a game yesterday, if we win one today that’s two in a row and if we win one tomorrow, that’s called a winning streak, it has happened before” - Lou (Major League Baseball the movie)

Well that didn’t happen. The Marlins just didn’t make the defensive plays necessary in the 9th...two bunts, a botched grounder by Castro and well the Pirates got the one run they needed for the win.

Our Stars winners are!

⭐️⭐️⭐️ T. Richards 7.0IP, 2 hits, 0R

⭐️⭐️ (Not Awarded)

⭐️ Bryan Holaday 0-3 but! He’s thrown out four runners this season so that’s pretty impressive.

Richards has done everything asked of him since being called up and I have news for you fans that doubted him but he is in fact a Major League Baseball Pitcher™. He deserves to stay on this club and pitch every fifth game. He is going to make our skipper make a tough decision. I just hope they don’t move him to the bullpen, I don’t like him there...but hey, I don’t make those decisions.

NO TWO STAR?! That’s right for the first time this season I am not handing out a two star award. Why? Because not a single person did a single thing that deserves our precious and desired stars.

Our final star goes to someone who didn’t get a hit in the game...wait...what? Yeah that final star goes to Holaday. Did you know that of all MLB catchers, Holaday is tied for 3rd place in runners caught stealing? And out of those catchers he is the only one who doesn’t start every game? It’s simple folks, ‘til Realmuto is back he should be the starter.

Our “WHAT THE!” Award winner goes to...

...the entire Marlins offense...WAKE UP!

Enough said.

Game 3: Pirates smoke the Marlins 7-3

The Marlins entered Sunday with their first chance to win a series this season and they must have felt good going into the game...I mean with their ace on the hill and starting off the game with three straight hits they must have been feeling really good, i mean really good!...but I did not.

I am not saying my confidence in the team is shot but it has just happened so many times in the past and well...whelp! Like a bunch of games this season that happiness faded quickly as Jose Urena wasn’t sharp and the offense was non-existent...again! The Fish just did not show up to play...well one did but he was not even in the starting line up.

Our Sunday stars are:

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Justin Bour 1-1, 1 HR

⭐️⭐️ Tayron Guerrero 1.0 IP, 2 K

⭐️ (Not Awarded)

Bour has been swinging a hot bat recently but got the day off until a pinch-hit appearance in the seventh inning. With one out, Bour hit an absolute dinger and you know I absolutely love a good dinger. Way to go big fella. Three stars awarded!

My favorite reliever this season has absolutely been Tayron Guerrero. The kid throws gas! He has struggled with control so far this year but not on Sunday. Guerrero can into the game in the 8th and quickly disposed of the Pirate hitters. One inning pitched and two strikeouts...I’ll take it! Two stars my man.

Like on Saturday not all stars are being awarded. These things our like gold to us, we just can’t go giving them away for no reason! They are earned!!!

Final thoughts:

Our offense has been below average to say the least...I can’t wait for them be at full’s my projected line up at 100% health:

Dietrich LF

Realmuto C

Bour 1B

Anderson RF

Castro 2B

Prado 3B

Brinson/Maybin CF

Riddle/Rojas SS


How would you set your line up?

Season Leader in Stars:

  1. Derek Dietrich (5)
  2. Brian Anderson (5)
  3. Dillion Peters (5)
  4. Marlins Bullpen as a unit (4)
  5. JB Shuck (3)
  6. T. Richards (3)
  7. Justin Bour (3)
  8. Caleb Smith (2)
  9. Derek Jeter (2)
  10. T. Guerrero (2)
  11. B. Holaday (2)
  12. Miguel Rojas (1)
  13. Lewis Brinson (1)
  14. Junichi Tazawa (1)

Well Fish Fam, we have a long way to go. The Marlins are now hitting the road to face some tough teams. its either time to turn it around or this can get really ugly really fast! As always, follow me on twitter @Redd_garcia for all things Marlins and I’ll see you beautiful, patient individuals after the next Marlins home stand again the Rockies on April, 30th 2018 for some Overreaction Monday, part III.