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Icthyomancy Round 2!

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

Pittsburgh Pirates v Miami Marlins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

And we’re back! This was a wild week for the Marlins and our Icthyomancy crowd. The Fish went 2-5, highlighted by a 20-1 loss to the New York Phillies, a sweep by the Mets, and Friday night’s bizarre victory against the Pirates. A few reminders from last week! First, feel free to send me some ideas for our 2018 Icthy Championship trophy. Second, remember if you can get someone to participate in Icthyomancy and drop your username in the comments, I’ll give you both one point just for playing.

Once again, here are our rules if there is someone that has no idea what Icthyomancy is:


Attendance is a big deal in Marlins baseball, like it or not. In each game, we will guess the attendance of the game, home or away, and the closest guess will be worth 2 points.

Individual Games

You can make your best prediction for game scores. A pass costs you nothing. Post your prediction of the score, and if it’s a direct hit (with the correct teams), that’s three points. If you pick the correct winner and by the actual number of runs, that’ll be two points. Predict which team wins, and that’s a single point.

Individual Predictions

These are our prop bets. You’re allowed to make up to two “outside the box” predictions for each contest. Points will be awarded based on the probability of something happening at my discretion. If you’ve predicted something unfathomably rare (a no-hitter, pitcher hits two home runs, Justin Bour steals seven bases) and it comes true, that’s going to be a lot of points. Everyday things will be worth less. What the heck? The game is free - swing for the fences

Current Overall Standings:

Current Icthy Standings & Point Breakdowns

Name Total Score Attendance W/L Prop
Name Total Score Attendance W/L Prop
2qbn 27 10 5 12
gustavopim 25 10 4 11
Marlon D 16 4 2 10
Paolo2387 13 4 3 6
chasejs2013892 1 0 1 0

Game 7:

Philadelphia Phillies 5, Marlins 0

Attendance: 44,488

Points Awarded: Gustavopim with one of many correct attendance guesses this week!

Game 8:

Phillies 20, Marlins 1

Attendance: 33,660

Points Awarded: Gustavopim was tossed two points with the second correct attendance guess.

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Game 9:

Marlins 6, Phillies 5

Attendance: 34,326

Points Awarded: Yep, you guessed it, gustavopim with the attendance. Paolo2387 and Marlon D were awarded points for the Marlins winning.

Game 10:

New York Mets 4, Marlins 2

Attendance: 7,003

Points Awarded: This is unbelievable. Gustavopim takes the attendance score again. 2qbn was awarded three points total for picking the Mets and the Bour 0-4 prop bet. Marlin D’s prop bet of Syndergaard having a QS was awarded two points. Paolo2387 was awarded one point for the one stolen base prop bet that Starlin Castro fulfilled. Chasejs20013892 received one point for the winner pick.

Game 11:

Mets 8, Marlins 6

Attendance: 6,516

Points Awarded: *begins to bow down* Gustavopim is a master of the attendance picks. Five of seven is really something special. Possibly an insider or an attendance savant? Paolo2387 was awarded three points total for both prop bets: Justin Bour’s HR and the extra base hits. Gustavopim racked up some extra points for Caleb Smith’s five innings pitched and five strikeouts. Marlon D was gifted two points for the greater than seven hits prop bet.

Game 12:

Mets 4, Marlins 1

Attendance: 6,150

Points Awarded: 2qbn stole gustavopim’s attendance crown of the week. Relish your two points, 2qbn. However, Gustavopim was gifted two points for his prop bet. Marlon D was additionally given two points for guessing that Zach Wheeler would last longer than Jarlin Garcia.

Game 13:

Marlins 7, Pittsburgh Pirates 2

Attendance: 6,825

Points Awarded: 2qbn is back again with the attendance, the win pick, Dillon Peters going six innings prop, and the Castro RBI prop. Thus, seven points in total! Gustavopim received one point for the win and three points for the Peters QS prop.