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Miami Marlins links, 4/12/18: Jarlin hard to hit, Fish lose anyway

Plus, some links for your Thursday.

MLB: New York Mets at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday’s game

Wednesday’s game started out promisingly for the Marlins, especially for Jarlin Garcia, who didn’t give up a hit in his six innings of work. Here are some highlights of the outing. For Garcia, the start was bittersweet. Unfortunately, the bullpen couldn’t hold the slim lead, and the Fish lost 4-1.

Mattingly spoke on the decision to pull Garcia and the subsequent loss:

Garcia answered questions on his performance:

Perhaps history would have been on Garcia’s side, however. We’ll never know.

Today in ignominy

Here’s your daily low-attendance reminder:

You know, in case you wanted to compare that number to some AAA clubs.

Lewis Brinson is approaching a club record he doesn’t want:

Maybe Lewie B. can seek advice from his boss, who knows a little bit about busting out of slumps.

This is really yesterday in ignominy, but we’ll put it here. One of our sister sites, Beyond the Box Score, ran a retrospective on the last time there was a Marlins fire sale. BTBS really piled on the pain with this deep-dive into just how bad 2018 has been so far.

Tell me there’s some good news:

Dan Straily and Wei-Yin Chen are making headway in their recovery and will pitch this week.

Finally, to finish on a somewhat-high note, our own Mitch Custer laid out the reasons why the Marlins’ foreign citizenship might actually make sense.