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FanPost Friday: Re-making Marlins history

Changing one thing might’ve changed everything.

Pudge Rodriguez gets ready to throw Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

FanPost Friday Prompt: What one move in your franchise’s history would you go back and undo and what would you do instead at that moment?

I would like to meet the man or woman who can truly, honestly say that they’ve lived a regret-free life. That person, if they exist, must’ve lived in a bubble which somehow sustained them (and hopefully has a state-of-the-art sanitary system), because I don’t see how it’s possible to have lived your life and not regret something that you did.

A job you should’ve pursued or a missed opportunity at romance. Conversely, a job you stayed at for too long, or a relationship you wish you’d never stepped into.

To be human is to error, they say, and the Marlins, who just so happen to have been run by humans their entire existence, are no exception to this rule.

Perhaps Jeff Loria has no regrets over the players he parted with. It sounds like something he’d have the hubris to do, but we know that, at the very least, the fans were left wanting and wondering...what might’ve been?

I’m going to steal infamous Fish Striper Al-Kendall’s thoughts as an example. Al has mentioned, on more then one occasion, that the biggest mistake in franchise history was not re-signing Ivan Rodriguez following the 2003 Marlins’ World Series victory. I wont put any further words in his mouth, but one can surmise that he feels this would’ve had a long-lasting, substantial impact that could’ve potentially altered the course of the franchise.

So my challenge to you today, dear reader, is to tell us, via a FanPost, what one thing you would’ve done (or undone) to potentially alter the franchise’s history. Why would that move have had such a dramatic impact? What would be different today had it occurred?