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Fish Bites Podcast Episode 11: Tim Healey is back!

The NL East has been the center of the baseball universe this offseason. Who better to break it down heading into the Winter Meetings than old friend/current Mets beat writer Tim Healey?!

New York Mets v Miami Marlins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

He provided plenty of laughs and insight as the Marlins beat reporter for the Sun Sentinel. Now, he’s living in the cesspool that is the New York Mets fanbase.

It’s a pleasure to have Tim Healey as a returning guest on the Fish Bites Podcast! With “J.T. Realmuto to New York” trade rumors swirling and the MLB Winter Meetings getting underway, he answers your questions about this critical stage of the offseason.

Tim’s latest column previews what to expect from the Mets in Las Vegas. You can follow him on Twitter (@timbhealey) and Aram at @Aramleighton8.

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