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Fish Stripes x Our Colores: Introducing the site’s Marlins-inspired rebrand

A few weeks overdue, but hopefully we got it right!

Lewis Brinson and Pablo López flaunting that new Marlin Blue and Midnight Black
Photos courtesy of the Miami Marlins

There is, as you might expect, frequent turnover in the sports blogging world. Only a few current members of the Fish Stripes staff remain from when my move to managing editor became officially official six months ago. Frankly, I have no clue what the website’s logo looked like prior to 2012, or if the site even had a logo back then. Perhaps some of our loyal commenters can provide a history lesson?

Point is, I feel confident in stating the our newly implemented logo is the best in Fish Stripes history:

Midnight Black, Marlin Blue, Caliente Red, Slate’s all there. Not going to feed you any hollow “brand speak” emphasizing that our true colores aren’t painted on our buildings—they shine bright in how we live, in how we care for each other.

Just hoping the update better affiliates us with the Marlins franchise that we’re all so passionate about.