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Discussing state of the Marlins major league roster and farm system on 305 Baseball Talk

Thanks to Kris Cartelle for inviting me on the debut episode of his new Marlins/MLB podcast!

Photo by @Marlins/Twitter

You listened to my trusted writer Luis Davila weigh in on dozens of Marlins players as a guest on Painting Corner Podcast (if you have not caught up on their conversation, fix that now). My turn!

Kris Cartelle recently launched 305 Baseball Talk. Pretty self-explanatory: he’ll be covering the latest Marlins news and offering his analysis. And judging by the first episode of his pod, he’ll be very successful.

Kris and I went all around the diamond, reviewing the internal options that the Fish have at every position and which free agents could address their biggest needs. (Since this recording, the club announced 14 players who have received invites to major league spring training, but we were focused on more established veterans.) Find out why I’m so high on Nick Wittgren and JT Riddle, and how to make sense of the deep group of 2019 outfield candidates.

Listen below or at this link.