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Colby Olson clinches Fish Stripes 2018 fantasy football championship

The Syracuse undergrad secured the No. 1 playoff seed, then cruised through the playoffs in our 12-team league of Fish Stripes staff members and contributors.

Original photo by Getty Images

Congratulations to Colby Olson! On Sunday, Colby clinched the 2018 FishStripes Fantasy Football championship over league commissioner Anthony “Red” Garcia by the score of 283-250. Their playoff matchup combined point totals from Weeks 16 and 17 with our eventual title winner entering the finale up 140-130. Both contenders posted 9-4 regular season records.

Colby capitalized on his opponent’s questionable lineup decision to start Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles instead of Buffalo’s Josh Allen. The rookie QB torched the Miami Dolphins for five total touchdowns (39 points). His production would’ve gone a long way towards a potential upset considering Foles’ quiet afternoon (14 points).

Red’s roster and hometown Dolphins weren’t able to deliver on his pre-game confidence.

Colby’s most valuable players this season included Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle. Along the way, he made the difficult but necessary decision to release Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt after footage surfaced of Hunt violently attacking a woman in a hotel last year.

Thank you to ESPN’s fantasy platform for hosting this league. Aside from setting up another staff competition in 2019, we might do an additional league for readers! Also, expect to see much more Marlins fantasy baseball content on Fish Stripes moving forward with heavy involvement from Red and international editor David Phillips.

Follow Colby (@colby_olson3) and Red (@Redd_garcia) on Twitter