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Top highlights from Bryan Holaday’s 2018 season with Marlins

Potentially more memories still to come in 2019, as Holaday agreed last week to a minor league deal with the club.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Chicago Cubs Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Bryan Holaday is not just a trashy-hitting backup catcher—he’s our trashy-hitting backup catcher. During his 61 games played last season, the 30-year-old batted .205/.261/.258 (43 wRC+). Just one ball off his bat cleared the fence and FanGraphs viewed his overall contributions as slightly below replacement level.

The Marlins were not eager to award Holaday a raise in arbitration, so they outrighted him off the roster. But a few weeks after electing free agency, he returned to the organization on Friday. The new minor league deal includes an invitation to spring training.

Holaday showed his worth in 2018 with defensive excellence—44.7 percent caught stealing rate was tops in the majors among those with at least as many innings behind the plate—surprisingly adequate results in high-leverage batting situations.

We relive those moments here:

2018 highlights package

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