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Fish Stripes 2018 year in review

An end-of-year reading list featuring staff discussions, personal essays, interviews, reporting and analysis.

Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

A bad Marlins team does not require bad Marlins coverage. With a lack of major league excitement in 2018, the Fish Stripes staff was challenged to dig deeper to bring you quality content...and they stepped up. I’m proud to highlight 24 examples from this past year.

Gameday posts and breaking news reports are critical to serving the community throughout the season, but these are the more detailed, big-picture pieces that aged particularly well.

Staff Collaborations—As new managing editor, I was determined to expand on the existing staff. We now have a greater diversity of perspectives than ever before.

This Jeffrey Loria project, led by Daniel Martinez, put in the “soul-crushing” but necessary leg work to meticulously detail the mistakes that ran the franchise into the ground, and the lessons to be learned from it.

Personal Essays—Thank you to these talented writers for being so vulnerable in a public space.

Analysis—We can never truly know why the Marlins win or lose; it’s impossible to account for every variable that goes into the club’s decision making or impacts the players’ performances. But that won’t stop us from trying!

Fish Stripes Exclusives (Interviews/Reporting)—There are professionals who have more tenure on the Marlins beat, higher salaries and the verified blue check mark on Twitter. Even so, we will compete to bring you stories first and do them better than anybody else.