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José Ureña 2018 season highlights

After frustrating us at times earlier in the year, Ureña turned the corner down the stretch to confirm that he belongs in the Marlins starting rotation.

Only 100 days to go until Marlins Opening Day!

Right-hander José Ureña got the starting assignment by default in 2018 with veteran alternatives on the disabled list and the club’s unwillingness to spend in free agency. But despite being lit up by the Cubs in that game, he finished the campaign with a bang. Ureña endured the heaviest workload of his career, posting a respectable 3.98 ERA/4.17 FIP/4.32 xFIP while leading the pitching staff with 1.8 fWAR.

Enjoy these highlights from Ureña’s age-26 season, and expect him to once again take the mound for the Marlins to kick off 2019.

Ureña 2018 highlights

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