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Marlins Park introducing 3-o-5 menu for 2019

Addressing one of the fanbase’s big concerns about the ballpark experience, the Marlins will begin offering a variety of $3 (hot dogs, water, soda, etc.) and $5 (mojo pork tacos, domestic draft beer) concessions.

Photo courtesy of @hoyquehaymia/Twitter

It’s been a gradual trend in the stadium/venue industry—if you want to make money from food/concessions, lower the prices, don’t raise them. Fans would rather eat before or after an event than pay a ridiculous premium for the convenience of being served during it. They’re also much more likely to attend in the first place if the entertainment is combined with a reasonably priced meal.

The Marlins are making the adjustment. Available at Sections 13 and 37 beginning next season, you can get the following items for $3 or $5 apiece:

  • $3—hot dog, popcorn, pretzel, nachos, water (bottle), soda (cup)
  • $5—mojo pork tacos, draft beer (domestic, 12 oz.)

Behold, the “3-o-5” menu:

Photo courtesy of @WillManso/Twitter

Last season, Marlins Park drew only 811,104 fans. It was (by far) the lowest total in Major League Baseball and an all-time low for the franchise. The team is again projected to finish at the bottom of the NL East division. Not motivated to make improvements to the major league roster at this stage of the rebuild, the Marlins are trying to appeal to the fans in other ways.

Jason Latimer, Vice President of Communications and Broadcasting, delivered a statement about the 3-o-5 menu to Front Office Sports on Monday morning. Here’s an excerpt from that:

We hope that fans will recognize our genuine commitment to invest in the Marlins Park experience, as we continue to earn the engagement and support of residents and businesses throughout the community.

The 3-o-5 menu also allows for an increased benefit for our Marlins Members, as their purchases of 3-o-5 Menu items will be eligible for their exclusive Member Benefit savings rate on food and beverage, allowing for up to an additional 25 percent savings based on membership level.

This is the first step within a comprehensive initiative to totally reimagine the food and beverage experience at Marlins Park. Our continued emphasis on the energy and diversity of the South Florida community will feature new implementations of local flavors and locally-recognized brands among our many food and beverage offerings.

I didn’t attend any 2018 Marlins home games as a fan. Those of you who did, please comment with what these items used to cost so that we can calculate the savings. Thanks!