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Fernando Seguignol Talks Marlins in New Interview

The team’s International Director of Scouting and former MLB player joins the Swings and Mishes podcast!

Cincinnati Reds v Miami Marlins Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images

The Marlins’ Director of International Operations Fernando Seguignol joined the set of Swings and Mishes to talk about the team and how the new regime values the international market.

The podcast touches on the importance of having an influx of players from other countries to keep the organization afloat and consistent year in and year out. It also discusses the importance of cementing a foundation in those various places to continue the reach that they have.

Asked which players in the organization to keep an eye on, Seguignol, himself a former major-leaguer, replies, “[Jose] Devers, he is an exciting player...he is going to be one of the top guys that we need to follow.”

The former Expo then goes on to mention some of the tools that make the 18-year-old—acquired in the Giancarlo Stanton trade—a player worth watching: “His speed. His bat. He is very athletic; we are all very excited about him.”

Marlins Prospect Jose Devers
Photo by Jeff Mills

At the end of the interview, host Craig Mish asks what the next couple of months before Spring Training will look like, and Seguignol jokingly responds, “In the international market, we don’t sleep, we never stop.” He then adds how happy he is to have taken the role with the organization and that he is looking forward to helping in any way possible,

The serious answer to the question follows, as the pair then discuss a tryout to be held in Latin America for kids under 18 to showcase their talent. Team scouts are also flying to Japan in a couple of days for the MLB Japan All-Star Tour that runs from November 8th up to the 15th, to check out the best players over there.

Seguignol is seemingly dedicated to improving the international side of the business, something that was not a focal point with previous ownership. With the diversity in Miami, the team should be a destination for all international signees.

If you’d like to listen to the podcast for yourself, click below.