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The Home Run (“El Jonron”) en la historia de Marlins baseball

Something we can ALL enjoy, and the talented broadcasters who make the experience extra special.

With “Homer” the home run sculpture officially out of Marlins Park, it got me thinking about the best moments of them all: the top dingers in franchise history. Impossible to track them all down, but here are some that are sure to stir good ol’ memories.

Recorder es vivir—To remember is to live.

If you’ve been a Marlins fan for long enough, you’ll know without me having to tell you much how BLESSED we have been as fans to enjoy quality play-by-play commentating. Year in and year out, television and radio, English and Spanish. The flamboyant styles of Tommy Hutton, Felo Ramírez and Yiky Quintana, and Dave Van Horne’s, Len Casper’s and Rich Waltz’s smooth deliveries. Contributions from Glenn Geffner, Paul Severino, Craig Minervini, Todd Hollandsworth, Alberto Ferreiro, Jeff Conine, Preston Wilson, Joe Angel and Gary Carter, of course.

We have experienced a high quality and a rich diversity of calls.


Even at 94 years young, Felo’s voice would get you hyped—anytime, any place.

“You can smile, that’s okay!!” —Len Casper

“His name is DAN...UGGLA!” —Rich Waltz and Tommy Hutton

T-Hut gave us the origin story for this signature call on the Fish Bites podcast earlier in the year. Uggla’s name was being mispronounced by other broadcasters, so they took matters into their own hands, emphatically setting the record straight every time he went deep.

“The kid, in his last game, homers to left!” —Waltz

“We told you to come out!” —Hutton

Continuing the #PitchersWhoRake section...

Now, some career firsts

  • Jeff Conine—1st career home run (and it’s a grand slam!)

“GO BALL, GO!...Welcome to The Show, Mike Stanton!” —Rich Waltz

And we’re just gettin’ started with the long balls...


Back-to-back...and back-to-back again:

Yup, inside-the-parkers count, too. Dee Gordon was flying:

Yiky Quintana has done a superb job stepping in for Felo.

Paving the way for the next generation of Hispanic voices...

Expect Severino to voice many more huge Marlins moments in the years to come.

Even without that hideous thing in left-center field, a home run is a celebratory event, the biggest accomplishment possible for a batter who steps to the plate. And it’s made more enjoyable by the broadcaster behind the mic.

Through the years, who has been your guy to listen to?


Do you have a language preference when it comes to hearing your home run call?

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    English, hands down
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    Español, sin duda
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  • 50%
    Doesn’t matter—HR is a HR/No importa—un Jonron es un Jonron
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