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#OurColores: Marlins reveal new logo

Seven seasons after the original “Miami” rebrand, the Marlins are switching their color scheme to something more authentic. Take a look!

Marlins Communications

Since Day 1, new Miami Marlins leadership has demonstrated that they believe the path to sustainable success and profit requires tearing down and starting fresh. Fitting with that philosophy, the franchise will have a completely different look beginning in 2019.

Last week, the Marlins began teasing their #OurColores rebranding campaign. Now, feast your eyes on the new look:

We’re not just a beach town, a celebrity town, an art town, or a pachanga town.

We’re more.

We’re a family underdog “always looking forward” town...a “made by hands and hearts and a hell of a lot of sweat” town.

In this place we call home, our true colores aren’t painted on our buildings—they shine bright in how we live, in how we care for each other. They’re in the words we say, the food we share, they reflect where we came from...and where we’re going.

This is our town.

This is our team.

We are Miami, and these are our colores.

Prior to the 3:44 p.m. ET reveal, the Marlins had uploaded a 30-second “unlisted” video to their official YouTube account. It’s a shortened version conveying the same message.

Uniforms were not immediately released. You’ll see them on Friday. On Instagram, Lewis Brinson indicated that he’d be one of the players modeling them.

Full details from the Marlins press release:

Marlins Communications

The next-generation Marlins identity is stylish, energetic, and vibrant in ways that uniquely represent the Miami community. This next evolution of the team’s logo embodies refinement and style, with a focus on looking forward—to the future.

Fish Stripes discovered MLB’s 2019 Grapefruit League spring training marks. The document includes the secondary mark and was last modified on Sept. 26, so this has been in the work for several months. That logo was initially leaked publicly by Peyton Conley of the Marlins Network Instagram account on Oct. 17.

The team is aware that fresh colors alone will not instantly change the perception across South Florida, as president of business operations Chip Bowers explained to Andre Fernandez of The Athletic:

“A lot of our fans are scorned lovers,” Bowers said. “That’s just the reality of what we’re facing. They’ve been hurt time and time again. They’re not quite sure what to feel. They want to be in love with the organization, but at times, it’s hurt them, and I get that. It’s human nature. But over time we have to show fans that we’re different in our own way and we understand their pain and we’re not going to hurt them.”

That being said, Bowers and his staff carefully considered fan input through the 2018 season (Dímelo Miami) in an effort to represent their constituents more authentically.

Still to come on the business side, the Marlins must negotiate a new local television deal—their current partnership with FOX Sports Florida expires in two years—and consider a ballpark naming rights deal as an additional revenue source. They’re hopeful that ballpark enhancements and an improvement on their 63-98 record will remedy the ugly attendance situation moving forward.

So...what do you think?


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