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All 21 home runs from J.T. Realmuto’s record-breaking season

Already among MLB’s top catchers entering 2018, Realmuto took his offensive game to a new level en route to an NL All-Star selection and Silver Slugger Award.

Video produced by Christian Cevallos

It’s been a chaotic 2018 for Marlins catcher J.T. Realmuto.

Shrouded in trade rumors entering spring training and unavailable for Opening Day because of a back injury, he emerged as the face of the franchise. Focused on competing despite the club’s overall struggles, he became a first-time father and NL All-Star. Lately, the 27-year-old is dominating the Japan All-Star Series, even as those rumors of his departure have intensified.

Why are there so many suitors for Realmuto? His improved offensive production has a lot to do with it.

In the first installment of a new Fish Stripes original highlights series, we look at J.T. Realmuto’s over-the-fence power. His 21 home runs set a new single-season record for Marlins catchers.

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