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Join Fish Stripes!

I’m looking for passionate Marlins writers/content creators and fans to take Fish Stripes to the next level.

San Francisco Giants v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Do you like the Marlins coverage you see here on Fish Stripes?

If the answer is yes, consider joining us! If the answer is no, consider joining us! Either way, Fish Stripes is trying to grow.

Player analysis. Breaking news. Exclusive interviews and reporting. Minor league scouting. Editorials. Podcasting. Social media. We do it all...and have some fun along the way.

Fish Stripes original GIF

I’m confident that this is already the ultimate community for Marlins fans, and yet I wake up every morning asking myself how we can do better. The staff we have kicks ass, but the site is always open to new perspectives from passionate people.

Fish Stripes has a strong working relationship with the Marlins, credentialed to cover games and special events. During the 2018 season in particular, we elevated the quality and variety of our content to earn respect from other established outlets. But with that reputation comes the expectation that we’re always well-researched and accountable for everything.

To contribute to Fish Stripes, you do not need to live in South Florida. You do not need to have an amazing resume. You do not need to be male or white or fit into any particular demographic. The ideal candidate is insightful on Marlins/baseball topics, cooperative and determined to participate on a consistent basis—I won’t be going by any other criteria.

If that sounds like you, hit me up for an introduction and additional questions. Send a DM to @RealEly on Twitter or an email to