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At least 4 Miami Marlins logo designs being considered for 2019 rebrand

Instagram account marlinsnetwork leaked the first on Tuesday night, plus three alternatives revealed on Wednesday by reporters Andy Slater and Craig Mish.

Possible Marlins 2019 Spring Training logo with updated team logo and color scheme (left) compared to previously released version (right)
Photos by marlinsnetwork/Instagram and

On the heels of Monday’s “Slater Scoop” describing the upcoming Miami Marlins logo change, we now have a sneak peek at the franchise’s potential color schemes for 2019 and beyond.

MLB released Spring Training logos earlier this fall with team logos printed near the bottom. Instagram account marlinsnetwork shared an updated image Tuesday night that allegedly shows the new logos:

The logo is not scheduled to be officially unveiled by the Marlins until November.

Andy Slater previously mentioned that it would feature more blue than the existing logo, a new font for the “M” and an “adjusted” look to the marlin. This checks all of those boxes.

However, this is but one of at least four designs being considered before the Fish submit to Major League Baseball for approval, Craig Mish explained late Wednesday morning.

In 2018, the Marlins began phasing orange out of their color scheme, removing it from their regular season uniform rotation. All of these proposals would be consistent with that trend, changing the left/right borders on the Spring Training logo to either blue or red.

Initial reactions to the marlinsnetwork post were mixed. There’s general approval of the color choice, but criticism of the design itself. The team logo is not in high resolution—zooming in causes it to pixelate. The quality is slightly better on Mish’s versions, so we’ll be interested to see how fans respond to the finer details of those designs.

It is fairly common in the sports world for logo “prototypes” to get out for exactly this purpose: gauging public sentiment.

Chris Creamer of did a side-by-side comparison of how the logo has evolved over the franchise’s 26-year history:

In case you missed it, the leak occurred within 12 hours of a completed Víctor Víctor Mesa-related trade and Miami-Dade county granting the Marlins permission to relocate their home run sculpture. On a day when both MLB Championship Series were in action, a 98-loss team somehow dominated the news cycle.