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Home-run structure to have new home in 2019

Jeter 1, Art 0.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

With the news that the home-run sculpture will be removed come Opening Day 2019, Marlins fans are getting their cake and eating it too. Sort of. Those who dislike the structure, like Derek Jeter himself, won't have to see it during games anymore. But those who support the structure won’t be losing it completely because, like many a bad dog, it will be moved outside.

The move is the latest the Jeter ownership group has made in an attempt to remove all traces evoking the memory of former owner, Jeffrey Loria, who upon hearing the news, likened the decision to moving the Eiffel Tower.

Homer, as the structure is known, will be replaced by a multi-story standing-room only area that will permit fans to take in a game for as little as $10. The structure’s new home will be outside the stadium in an “art walk” the team has planned. It will continue to operate after Marlins home runs, additionally after home wins, and also at 3:05 p.m. every day in a nod to its city’s area code.

For those wondering, Chad Wallach is the answer to the trivia question that asks which Marlin set Homer off for the final time in its original indoor location. It was Wallach's first career long ball, and fittingly, he launched it into the well where Homer resides resided.

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