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FanPost Friday: What to do about the Home Run Sculpture?

If it were your call to make, would you scrap it or keep it?

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Ed. note: Many sites around SB Nation host FanPost Fridays, and we’re joining the fray here at Fish Stripes, because we want to give you the chance to have your voice be heard in long-form style.

Every friday, we’ll post a FanPost prompt to pen type a response to (well, you could pen it, but there’s no guarantee it’ll reach the interwebs). All you have to do to participate is click on the FanPosts button at the top of the blog (next to the site icon) and then select new FanPost, and voila! It’s fairly straightforward, but please feel free to reach out to me (email or twitter is fine, both listed in my profile) if you ever have any questions about the FanPost process.

If a FanPost is well-written enough, we may decide to promote it to the front page and spread it around on our social media channels, seriously amplifying your awesome opinion’s reach. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

FanPost Friday prompt: What to do about the Home Run Sculpture?

Last week’s prompt: Who is your all-time favorite Marlins’ player? (and why)

When Derek Jeter, Bruce Sherman and various other enterprising fellows purchased the Miami Marlins back in August, almost immediately there was a story out there that Jeter didn’t care for Home Run sculpture center-piecing in his ball park.

At that time, the county came out and said that the sculpture was a “public art piece,” and as such, could not be moved.

Things seemed to have quieted down on the topic, but recently Miami mayor Carlos Gimenez met with Jeter at Marlins Park to discuss, among other things, the potential removal of the sculpture.

Miami-Dade’s stance remains the same today as it did back in August, that the statue could not be removed without approval. It is not difficult to envision a determined Jeter getting the approval, given the time and effort.

The real question is, as a Marlins fan, how do you feel about the sculpture? Would you be devastated or thrilled at it’s removal? This is the crux of the FanPost I’m requesting from you this week. Tell us how you feel.

Remember, there are no wrong answers in this theoretical exercise. Follow the instructions from above, or click here to begin!