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Sporcle Saturday: Miami Marlins Saves Leaders

Can you name the Marlins saves leaders from 1993-2016?

Kansas City Royals v Miami Marlins
Forever closer Fernando Rodney
Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

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Like many franchises, the Marlins have had a number of closers throughout the years, some famed, others...well, not so much.

Name, if you can, the saves leader from every Florida/Miami Marlins season dating back from 1993 through 2006 (note that 2017 is not included on the acceptable omission in my eyes, given that it was just last year and if you don’t remember that you might want to look into getting some Prevagen or something).

Remember to use the spoiler button in the comments if you’re posting answers after you’ve attempted the quiz! Have fun! Here is a link if the quiz fails to materialize above.