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Suzuki giveth and Suzuki taketh away

Marlins lose again, 6-5 was the score of yet another in a recent string of disappointing games.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Miami Marlins
Suzuki is the name of the game.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins lost yet another game which puts them at a pitiful one win and nine losses in the last ten games. So with the Colorado win, that puts the Marlins eight games back in the wild card.....wellllllll there is still a chance right?

Tonight’s starter for Miami, Dan Straily, went five innings in the game. He gave up three runs on seven hits and two walks. My issue here is not even with the three runs; my issue is the five innings...the Marlins can not continue with starters going short.

Straily has had this issue for a while now. The last time Straily went over six innings was July 7th against the San Francisco Giants. That was 58.1 innings ago; Straily is not the fifth or fourth starter he is the supposed “Ace” and these numbers are just not acceptable (and yes, Wei-Yin Chen and Edinson Vólquez were initially ahead of him in rotation but they have not been around much as you are well aware).

The Marlins really have no answers for this at the moment, we can only hope that Derek Jeter makes the decisions that will turn this franchise around and build upon the core of talent that Miami does have ( Yelich, Ozuna, (((Stanton I hope but I am skeptical of him being around in six months))) Realmuto).

So where was I before i had my little moment on pitching, ah yes, Straily. Well his opponent Sean Newcomb did not do much better, he went five innings, giving up three runs on seven hits and three walks, punching out five.

Miami started the offense tonight when Christian Yelich singled in the first inning and Marcell Ozuna tripled to bring Yelich home. Brian Anderson then singled to bring Ozuna home making it a 2-0 game. The Atlanta Braves would answer back in the second inning, scoring two runs and another two in the fifth. Ozuna would continue to keep the Fish in the game by singling in the seventh to score Giancarlo Stanton. Ichiro Suzuki would then pinch hit in the eighth inning hitting a bloop fly ball scoring Brian Anderson.

At this point in the game I may have started having feelings of “hey maybe the Marlins can go on a run and take the next ohhhhh I don’t know eight out of their next ten games.” Well, they still have time to do this but what happened next made the mountain that much taller to climb and was a bleak reminder of how far the Marlins have fallen. The Braves would end up scoring two runs in the bottom of the ninth off of the suddenly shaky again Brad Ziegler to win the game on a walk off single by Kurt Suzuki.

The Marlins face the Braves again at 7:35 pm today, it will be Jose Urena (12-6) vs Mike Foltynewicz (10-11).

Courtesy of Fangraphs

King Fish: Kurt Suzuki (.364)

Flounder: Brad Ziegler (-.801)

Play of the game: The wrong Suzuki singles in the game-winning run (.389)