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Tyler Moore’s double life exposed

You thought you knew sporadic Marlins first baseman Tyler Moore. Think again.

MLB: Miami Marlins at New York Mets
Levitation: One of Moore’s many previously hidden powers.
Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you’re just strangers.” - Mary Tyler Moore

“They know.”

Tyler Moore turned his head lazily toward Mikes Aviles, half-listening, still taking in the ball game unfolding in front of him.

“They know what, Mike?”

Mike and Tyler had spent a good amount of time on the road in the minors this past season and had grown close over their shared affinity of blue grass and rock painting. On a particularly long road trip from Tulsa to New Orleans, Tyler had let spill his secret. He wasn’t the man everyone thought he was. No, he was something altogether...different. Aviles had sworn never to tell anyone else, and he’d kept his word.

Aviles grabbed Moore by the shoulder, half spinning him. “About YOU, man. Look!” Aviles shoved his smartphone into Moore’s face, Mike’s quaking hand making the screen jump so that it took a couple seconds for Tyler to register what was on it.

Moore’s eyes widened.

How could this be? I’ve been so careful. All these years flying under the life as a professional ball player had been the perfect cover. And now...

...the world will never be the same again.

Tyler Michael Moore was born on January 30th, 1987 in the unassuming town of Brandon, Mississippi. Brandon had produced such notables as U.S. Representative Patrick Henry (this Patrick Henry, not that Patrick Henry) and Skylar Laine, the fifth place finisher of the eleventh season of American Idol, but Moore would end up being Brandon’s greatest scion.

Many people might look Moore and think that he is what he appears to be: A part-time player for the Miami Marlins. But no! That’s what he wants you to believe. His role on the Fish is appropriate, because he can only invest a part of himself into what in the end amounts to a lucrative game. He can’t afford to let his second life slip to the wayside. The one in which he saves lives.

You see, Tyler Moore is a super hero.

Moore learned at a young age that he had telekinetic powers when he lifted a fruit roll-up out of his lunchbox...with his mind...sent it floating across the table, unraveled the snack mid-air, and slapped Jimmy Frenetti across the face with it. No one else saw it, so everyone chalked it up to the hysterical imaginings of a young boy when Jimmy reported it to teachers.

Moore knew what he’d done, though, and through the years he honed his abilities until he could control them with precision. Never once did it cross Moore’s mind to use his powers for nefarious purposes. That just wasn’t the kind of person Tyler was.

Many adventures over the years saw him saving lives the world over, and crossing paths with others who would twist their own powers to pursue devious undertakings. Throughout each encounter, Moore was careful to wear his super hero attire so as not to reveal his identity. I’ve never seen it before, but I understand it looks a little something like this:

You know, with maybe a cooler mask and sans the big bird feet.


Moore had a particularly big heart for orphans, and ended up revealing his secret to a group he’d recently saved from the double threat of fire and avalanche. As a parting gift, with the money he’d earned from his side gig as a baseball player, he donated a bunch of Amazon Alexas which were then dispersed widely to orphanages the world over. His intentions were in the right place but children will chatter and soon his identity became known not just in the orphanage he’d spared from carnage but all over. The rumor soon spread that if you whispered Tyler Moore’s name to an Alexa device, he would appear to save the day...or bring you some cookies or help you catch a Pokémon.

All of which led to this fateful day, where Tyler Moore must decide whether he can continue leading his double life, or if he must step out of the shadows and become the hero this world needs, the hero on a second I found something —


Well...uh...never mind then.