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Marlins Roster News: Prado's comeback now in doubt

The veteran third baseman had surgery in July and was hoping to return to the field before the season's end, but he has suffered a setback.

New York Mets v Miami Marlins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Even though it’s already too late to save Miami's playoff chances, third baseman Martin Prado was still aiming to make it back on to the field for the final few games of the season after his knee surgery at the end of July.

However, that plan could have been derailed last week due to the impact that Hurricane Irma had on the state of Florida. Prado, who has been rehabilitating the injury since the surgery took place, evacuated to Orlando with the hope of continuing the treatment, but the storm hit the area hard and the 33 year old was inactive for nearly a full week.

While he could still appear in a pinch-hit or late-inning situation, a full comeback now seems unlikely, and Prado could have already worn a Marlins uniform for the last time given the roster overhaul that is likely to take place during the winter.

What this means for the Marlins is that they will get a good look at rookie Brian Anderson over the remaining eleven games. Anderson, regarded as Miami's third baseman of the future, has had mixed fortunes since being called up for the first time at the start of the month.

The 2014 third round pick has recorded three multi-hit games thus far in September, but has yet to hit a home run in 53 at bats, and has only driven in four runs to go along with a .264 batting average.

Improvements will come for the youngster, and he will likely be on the Opening Day roster barring any injury troubles or a change of heart by the new ownership group concerning trading core players to cut payroll. Anderson has the tools to succeed in the future, but it will be sad if Martin Prado has, indeed, already had his Marlins curtain call.

Although 2017 was not going to plan for Prado even if you ignore the injury troubles, he has still hit .292 over three seasons with Miami, and has made his fair share of highlight reel plays in the field as well. He has been a leader on this ball club ever since he arrived, and despite the expensive contract extension he was given at the end of last season, which may come back to bite the Marlins when trying to trade him, acquiring Prado was a good move by the organization when looking back at the 2014 trade with the Yankees.

Injuries have plagued the Marlins this season, and Martin Prado is just one of a long list of players that has missed a significant amount of time. He would love to get back on the field for peace of mind in terms of his recovery, but that may no longer be possible, and maybe that is best for the Marlins when all is said and done.