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Marlins Morning News: The Marlins are sinking further

And further, and MLB is still the best sport.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


I sat down to listen to the game last night and found out that Jose Urena was moved back a day and that our amazing outfielders all had the night off. If you had told me that the Fish would lose 10-0, I would probably not have debated it.

Wednesday night, Don Mattingly said that the team didn’t do many things well. You could probably apply the same thing to last night’s game (or almost any other game in September).

If you think you’re sounding discouraged, take a listen to Don Mattingly, who says that he benched the outfield last night because “it can’t be worse”. Maybe Mattingly really has squeezed the most out of the team and with the playoffs out of reach they have given up...

The network in Connecticut reports that MLB hopes to hold a special meeting to approve the sale of the Marlins before the next owners meeting. Having the vote today would probably suit Marlins fans just fine, as long as Loria is out of the owner’s box.


Do you believe in redemption? Jay Bruce does. After popping out with the bases loaded in the 8th inning, he drove in the game winner to give Cleveland its 22nd consecutive victory.

It looks like Aaron Judge noticed that Rhys Hoskins was chasing him in the home run race and decided to put a little more distance between them.

Sometimes numbers are just numbers. And sometimes, they’re neat. Tommy Pham joined the 20/20 club this year, and who doesn’t like an all-around good ballplayer?

A few very good pitchers returned to action last night... just in time for your fantasy baseball playoffs. People still play fantasy baseball, right?